Ten days of Screen Smart fun begins Thursday. Are you ready?

Thursday, May 4, signals the start of the annual Screen Smart events and Keri Knapp, its new coordinator, has a few suggestions.

“The RCMP Bike Rodeo is usually a big hit I hear at the sidewalk sale,” she said Tuesday, May 2. “But Kiki the Eco Elf and the Mothers’ Day plant and tea should be fun as well. And make sure you go to see Dr. Brokenleg at some point I think he will be amazing.”

If you are new to Revelstoke and have children then you’ll be pleased to know that we initiated the Screen Smart program several years ago as a way of educating families about the dangers of over-reliance by children — and adults, but mostly children — on computer and television screens for entertainment and information.

Martin Brokenleg is a renowned expert on children at risk. There are three sessions. One on Thursday evening on strengths in early childhood from 6 pm to 8 pm (this will be followed by further discussion and refreshments from 8 pm until 9 pm), one all day Friday (from 9 am until 3 pm) on building resiliency in youth, and one on Saturday (from 10 am until noon) on mobilizing communities.

There are no costs to attend these sessions, which are to be held at the Performing Arts Centre, but prospective participants are asked to confirm their attendance by calling 250-837-2101. Please click here to view the poster.

Martin Brokenleg is an internationally known Lakota Sioux family-care expert, and co-author of the book Reclaiming Youth at Risk: our hope for the future and co­ developer of the Circle of Courage Model, a model of positive youth development based on the universal principle that to be emotionally healthy all youth need a sense of belonging, mastery, independence and generosity.

He is probably the most serious speaker at this year’s Screen Smart, which gives children, parents and educators 10 days to celebrate all the other things we can do besides spend time in front of a tube. All events are free, full of prizes and organized by volunteers throughout our community.

Please click here to view the official poster and click here to view a copy of the kids’ Screen Smart Passport.