Steve Bender says he’ll be back in a month

Editor’s Note:

This letter to the editor was inadvertently posted in the Obituaries Section when it was received back on May 10. A reader pointed that out to me today, May 30, and I have now switched it to the Opinions and Letters Section. My apologies to my readers and to Steve Bender who is anything but dead.


Letter to Editor:

Greetings to all friends and acquaintances in Revelstoke and those who offered to donate a kidney to me. That was an extremely humbling and emotional experience.

I am on the mend now. The recovery was everything but normal, having to remain in St. Paul’s Hospital 3 weeks longer than usual. There were complications with a number of things but the new kidney functioned perfectly, so far, right from the get go. It’s a long story with which I will not bore you.

I have finally become lucid enough to write this letter of appreciation.

A special mention to my friend David Rooney for publishing an appeal in The Current.

I hope to return to the friendly confines of Revelstoke in about a month.

Heartfelt thanks,
Steve Bender
Revelstoke, BC