Plant a row, grow a row for neighbours in need

Local gardeners are encouraged to plant an extra row of vegetables and donate their harvest to the Community Connections Food Bank in an effort to get more fresh vegetables for local families in need.

“People have been bringing us fresh vegetables for years but we’re trying to get more people involved in this program,” Jenna Fraser, the agency’s Community Food & Outreach Coordinator, said in a statement.

“We’re hoping that by spreading the word about the Plant a Row•Grow a Row Program we’ll be able to bring in more fresh vegetables for our clients. Our clients mostly get canned fruits and vegetables and that’s good but there’s nothing quite like getting fresh fruit and vegetables.”

The minimum donation is one; “one of anything,” she said. “Of course, it’s easier for the agency distributing the food if you have more, like if you have a dozen tomatoes or a bag or two of beans in excess, and you won’t eat them. But truly, they’ll be glad to get just one, if that’s what you’ve got.”

Donations can be easily prepared right after harvest: Wash off the soil, trim the excess leaves, etc., and bring ’em in!

You should bring your donation to the Community Connections main office at 314 Second Street East, anytime between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm.

On Friday mornings, 8.30 – 11 am, donations can be dropped off at the Food Bank, located downstairs at the legion, 600 First Street West.

For more information please call Jenna Fraser at 250-837-2920, ext. 31 or visit