Native youth running from Blanket Creek to Mica Dam and back to Martha Creek

The Annual Spirit of Syilx Youth Unity Run will see about 120 Sylix youth run 309 kilometres beginning at Blanket Creek Provincial Park on Thursday, May 11, heading north to Revelstoke, and around BC Hydro’s Mica Dam ending at Martha Creek Provincial Park on May 14..

A statement from the Okanagan Nation Alliance said they estimate around 120 Syilx youth to run, and will include a multitude of other participants including Syilx elders, leaders, community members and a range of other participants that wish to contribute to the event.

This annual event is to raise awareness of Suicide and Mental Health issues confronting our communities,” the statement said. “The Syilx Unity Run is to encourage and strengthen healthy lifestyles and living through action, and physical exercise activity, “Syilx youth are also provided the opportunity to experience being out on their territory, being together as Nation as a means to address a broad range of community and societal issues from suicide and mental health to cultural rejuvenation and reconnection with nationhood and the land. By utilizing action as a means to engage with youth in the community, ONA has a significant opportunity to reach the ever-growing number of youth among the eight member communities and hearing what issues are important for them.”

The Syilx Spirit of Youth Unity Run is organized and hosted by the Okanagan Nation Alliance. For further information please visit: