A political olive branch

To the Editor:

As a vice-president of the Columbia River-Revelstoke BC Liberals Riding Association, I wanted to express my appreciation for the efforts of all candidates in the May 9 provincial election.

They put in long hours and spoke out on the issues that matter to the people of our riding — economic development, affordable housing, health care and others.

Now comes the difficult part: working together to maintain and improve BC’s economic leadership in Canada and discovering ways for all parties to work together in the Legislature.

Premier Christy Clark, whose efforts have meant people continue to feel safe investing in British Columbia, heard the message from British Columbians who want change.

“British Columbians sent a strong message to all sides of the Legislature that they want us to work together collaboratively, and across partisan lines,” she said at a news conference after the election. “They demanded of us a new way and a new approach to achieving those goals.”

The kind of effort that the premier describes can only be achieved if all parties in BC make the same effort at every level. And while some people might downplay those remarks, I tend to believe in her ability to motivate British Columbians.

Doug Clovechok, our new MLA, promised in this campaign to create a non-partisan advisory board that could provide him with information and advice regarding issues in our riding. I urge the other parties in Columbia River-Revelstoke to think of this as a starting point for a more co-operative political future.

Again, I extend my gratitude to everyone who was involved in this election campaign: the candidates — Gerry Taft, Samson Boyer, Justin Hooles, Duncan MacLeod, Rylan Kashuba and Doug Clovechok; and, most especially all of the volunteers and professional political staffers who ran the different campaigns. And finally I’d like to thank the people of Columbia River-Revelstoke whose faith in our democratic system brought them out to the polls on May 9.

Peter Bernacki
Revelstoke, BC