A big break for Nina Amelio

Nina Amelio has received a huge break in her quest to break into the pop music scene; she has just been nominated for a Hollywood Music in Media Award for best pop song for her single Faded Away 

“I also was offered a cool non-exclusive agreement with Ostereo in London England to record EPs for their clients and spotify their streaming playlists,” she told The Current. “Their clients are McDonald, Ferrari, Mercedes Benz, Subway and Accessorize to name a few.”

Christina (Nina) Amelio

The RSS grad has been working as a singer/songwriter since she graduated in 2007.

“I was very excited when I found out. I had applied in December and a lot has happened in my career and personally since then so when I found out I was just so happy. “

She said that while she hasn’t won — yet — this kind of validation recognizes “that all your sacrifices and hard work mean something.”

“I am grateful for everything that has happened so far and what will happen in the future,” she said, adding that she is grateful to her friends and famiy for their support. “They have supported me through thick and thin. They have always believed in me and helped pick me up when I was down.  They are just so proud and excited.”