Public comment invited on Parks Canada’s draft Multi-Species Action Plan

A proposed Multi-Species Action Plan for Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks has been posted to the Species at Risk Public Registry. The draft plan is now available for public comment until June 10, Supt. Nick Irving said in an e-mail on Tuesday, April 18.

The action plan outlines measures that will be taken to support protection and recovery of five species at risk — whitebark pine, woodland caribou, two species of bats, northern myotis and little brown myotis, and one bird, the olive-sided flycatcher — that occur regularly in the two national parks.

“These five species are listed as endangered or threatened under Canada’s Species at Risk Act,” he said. “The multi-species action plan focuses efforts on making a tangible contribution to the recovery of species at risk, and building Canadians’ awareness, appreciation and support for species at risk conservation.

“While MRG’s action plan will apply only to lands and waters in the parks, the successful recovery of many of these species will require cooperation with provincial governments and regional stakeholders. All Canadians have a shared responsibility to ensure healthy ecosystems and to protect species at risk for future generations.“

If you wish to comment, please review the draft plan at Detailed information on each species can also be found on the Species at Risk Act  Registry,

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