In Video: Successful Phase 1 Big Eddy Waterworks bid is 28% over budget

By David F. Rooney

Mounce Construction was the lowest bidder for Phase 1 of the Big Eddy Waterworks project but even so its bid of $2,564,245.90 (excluding GST) was 28% higher than the original estimated construction cost of $2 million.

There were three bids for Phase 1. The others were from Acres Enterprises which put in a bid of $2,642,780 and Speers Construction which had bid  $2,864,205.

“This phase of works includes approximately 2.6 kilometres of water main replacement, including associated services, fittings and hydrants as required,” says a report to Council from Director of Development Services Mike Thomas. “With the tendered price approximately 28% higher than the engineer’s estimate, an evaluation of priorities for the remaining funds will ensure the best use of these funds for the Big Eddy residents and businesses. An updated workplan for future phases will be developed in the coming months and presented to Council for information, this will detail the recommended allocation of the remaining funding to the project works and provide an update on the project scoping.”

The City has received $3.8 million from the province and the federal government for the badly needed upgrades to the Bifg Eddy Water System. Click here to read our 2015 story about the money the City received from senior government.

You can watch Thomas answer questions about the bid at the 24:32 point on the video below.

In other news, Council approved a request from the Royal Canadian Air Force Snowbirds that it authorize flights as low as 500 feet over the city during an air show proposed for July 26.

“A viewing event will be set up in Centennial Park to allow the public to gather and enjoy the show and minimize the amount of traffic at the airport during the airshow,” Nicole Fricot, Revelstoke’s new Community Econ0mic Development Director, said in a report to Council. “In addition to a Non-Aerobatic airshow on July 26th, the RCAF Snowbirds will be participating in

a meet-and-greet at the Revelstoke Airport open to the public and a fundraising reception at Revelstoke Mountain Resort in support of

The Community Foundation. Both of these events are tentatively scheduled for July 25th.” You can watch this at the 17:25 mark on the video below.

Revelstoke used to have an Airport Appreciation Day event every year. However, there hasn’t been one for a few years.

And, finally the Revelstoke Senior Citizens Housing Society has asked Council to waive the fees and charges that may be associated with a $117,000 project to renovate portions of Begbie Manor before 2019. That’s the date when the Housing Society will become solely responsible for the facility. BC Housing has granted the RSCHS $50,000 for the work. The remainder of the money comes from its reserves.

Please click here to read the presentation to Council by RSCHS President Pam Doyle and Director Graham Harper. You can also watch it on the video below starting at the 4:57 point.