Come walk with Ginger!

Many Revelstokians may have seen local resident Ginger Shoji out walking around our community. What you may not know is that she walks as a 15-year cancer survivor!

Ginger Shoji

Ginger has walked over 7,821 km in honour of anyone touched by cancer including those recently diagnosed, currently undergoing treatment, and those, including many of her friends, who have passed away from the disease.

Ginger is a tireless campaigner for cancer research and is a founding member of the Lake Revelstoke Dragon Boat Society and the Cancer Support Group.

Her message to those touched by cancer is: “You are not alone.”

Show Ginger and other Revelstokians touched by cancer that they are not alone and walk with her on Friday, April 21.

Come by Grizzly Plaza at 8:30 am and we’ll be leaving by 8:45 am for Begbie View Elementary where all will be welcome at a short assembly.