Another perspective on the farmers’ market issue

Regarding the Revelstoke Farm and Craft Market:

I would like to voice my support of the Revelstoke Farm and Craft Market board of directors and their decision to deny Wild Flight Farm’s vendor application for the 2017 summer market. Their decision to not allow a wholesaler at the Revelstoke market is one that should be supported by all people who prefer to buy their produce from local farmers who put in long hours to bring excellent quality produce to the market. As stated in the BC Farmers’ Market Association Guidelines for New Farmer Vendors “re-selling undermines the ideals of a farmers’ market.”

Having grown up on an organic farm myself, I know firsthand the amount of work that goes into growing produce and preparing it to be sold at a farmers’ market. Allowing a vendor to continue to sell wholesale produce at a market where other vendors are able to meet the demands of having produce available at the earliest possible time in the season contradicts what a farmers’ market is – a place for farmers to come together and sell their produce locally. The Revelstoke market will be gaining more produce vendors this year who would undoubtedly be overshadowed by Wild Flight Farm. Concerns have been raised regarding a lack of support for the coupon program that the RFCM implements with Wild Flight not at the market. I believe that having more vendors involved in the coupon program will give the public who use it a larger selection of produce to purchase and it will in turn support the smaller vendors. Having more vendors also allows for people to browse through the market more, not just make one stop at one vendor and leave to continue on their day. This will support other vendors, as people browse and find a bite to eat, a gift for someone, or a little something to take with them as a souvenir of the wonderful time they spent in Revelstoke.

Please consider the whole aspect of the farmers’ market and it’s impact on our community. It is a place for people to come together to support local growers and to socialize. A place where you can go home after with your bags and baskets full of fresh, seasonal produce (and maybe a treat or two), and rest assured knowing that you supported local farmers who provided you with the best their farm has to offer.


Rose Gentles
Revelstoke, BC