$384,056 in Community Initiatives and Affected Areas funding shelled out

City Council has approved the distribution of $384,056 in Community Initiative and Affected Areas Program funds to 49 projects proposed by local community organizations.

Although the original list contained 50 projects, the Snowmobile Club withdrew their application at the last moment. The groups made their pitches, which amounted to $695,609, during a meeting on March 7. Here in Revelstoke, only the members of groups seeking fund may attend the meeting. They listen to all the presentations and are then vote for the 10 projects they think are most deserving of funding. A City appointed evaluation team takes those votes into account as they decide who gets how much. Traditionally, virtually all applicants receive at least some money. Click here to read the formal report to Council about the decision-making process. In most other communities City Councils decide who gets what.

Please click here to read the full list of applicants, brief descriptions of their projects and the funding amounts they requested and were approved for.

Council unveiled the list of successful applications during its meeting on Tuesday, March 28.