Tuesday is Community Initiatives presentation night!

The annual Community Initiatives and Affected Areas Programs (CIP/AAP) meeting will take place Tuesday, March 7, at 7 pm in the Community Centre. At stake for interested community groups is a share of the $384,056 that is this year’s allocation for Revelstoke and the CSRD’s Area B from the Columbia Basin Trust.

According to the CBT, the CIP/AAP are intended to be flexible and incorporate community-based funding decisions. The programs support local projects that provide additional value to Basin communities, and that benefit the broad community and public good. The CBT has set aside $4.2 million for the CP/AAP in the Basin.

The meeting is open to all members of community groups that are applying for funding. Typically, a representative from each eligible group makes a very brief public presentation about their project. At the end of the meeting, members in attendance pick the top 10 projects they think are worthy of funding. Those recommendations are then considered by the City-appointed committee that oversees funding. Their decision is usually announced about a month later by City Council.