The Skating Club’s Summit to Sea was magic in motion

By Jason Portras

The Revelstoke Skating Club presented it’s annual skating carnival to the city of Revelstoke on Thursday, March 16. This year, the show was entitled Summit To Sea, showcasing all the wonderful things that our beautiful province has to offer, from snow to rain, sunflowers and bees, rivers and salmon, to storms and sun over our oceans and our forests.

Head Coach Ciara Michaluk, Canskate Coach Adrienne Schurdevin, and Dance Coach Tracey McKinney put together a wonderful show featuring two Acts with a total of 15 performances. Many hours of planning, work and dedication would certainly have been all for naught were it not for the help of the assistant skaters and the parents and guardians of each and every skater.

Minor Hockey’s Novice Division even got in on the action, led by Coach Chris Erwin, in the First Act, showcasing a mini-game of scrimmage to the pounding beat of AC/DC’s Thunderstruck. It was very apparent those little hockey players would’ve preferred to keep playing when their time was up.

I think it’s also worth noting that my son Phoenix began figure skating this year and his skills on the ice have clearly improved because of it. Edging and more time on the ice is the key. If you’ve got a little hockey player in your family, seriously consider joining up. If you get push back, remind them that even NHL teams are using figure skating coaches to improve the skating ability of their players. A quick Google search brings up many news articles to that fact.

The show, as always, was very well-attended, especially as evidenced by the enormous 50/50 draw of $3,190 that went to a young local by the name of Kyler Lenzi. Congrats on a sweet snag of cash!

For more pictures of the show, click on over to the Revelstoke Life & Times Facebook page here.

You can also see more pictures on the Revelstoke Skating Club’s Facebook page here.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy these images from a magical evening:

The night began with a performance called Snow featuring many young, beautiful and unique snowflakes. Jason Portras photo
The lighting was a bit dim and challenging to get good photos, but some turned out to be sweet silhouettes because of it, too. Jason Portras photo
With the coloured spotlights, some photos turned out looking simply surreal. Jason Portras photo
For the fourth performance of the night, the Sunflowers came out to bloom. Jason Portras photo
It’s always a fan favourite when the smallest skaters come out. Here they are portraying salmon. Jason Portras photo
Samantha Veninsky solos in a ‘shoot the duck’ move as a Storm Cloud. Jason Portras photo
The Sun, as portrayed by Karlie Beatty, came out to shine. Jason Portras photo
Andie Reynolds performs a ‘camel spin’ as one part of the Forest. Unfortunately it was too dark for my shots of her Forest-partner and sister Jamie Reynolds to turn out. Jason Portras photo
Sparklers came out midway through Act II, leading to a Wild Fire, which was quickly put out by forestry firefighters. Jason Portras photo
Alexis Larsen performs an outside spread-eagle. Jason Portras photo
Alexandra Robertson skates forward in a Beillmann position. Jason Portras photo
At the end of the show, the skaters all did a few laps around the rink for their appreciative audience. Jason Portras photo
Skaters Danica Second and Jackie Bracken happily help out one of the youngest club members. Jason Portras photo
Canskate Coach Adrienne Schurdevin curtsies to the crowd. Jason Portras photo