Talking hockey with Aaron Volpatti

Revelstoke’s favourite NHLer, Aaron Volpatti, has lots to say in this made-for-radio interview with EZ Rock’s Shaun Aquiline. Photo courtesy of Shaun Aquiline

With the BC Provincial Bantam Tier 4 Hockey Championships playing at the Forum this week, it’s fitting that we provide an interview with Revelstoke’s favourite NHLer — Aaron Volpatti.

“I hosted the Bantam Banquet last night (Sunday, March 19) and did a Q & A with Aaron Volpatti for the kids for about 40 minutes,” EZ Rock on-air hist Shaun Aquiline said in an e-mail to The Current.

“He came to the studio this morning and we did a bit more of an off-the-record-type interview that might be more in line with an adult audience. I thought you might be able to utilize it.”

Please activate the audio players below to listen to Shaun’s interview with Aaron Volpatti: