Have a fantasy you’d like to see in photos? John can make it come true…

Photographer John Morrison is starting a new business — Fantasy Photo Shoots. Last weekend he paired up with model and partner Connie Rose for photo shoots at Revelstoke Mountain Resort as well as in the city’s picturesque downtown. Bob Bittner photo

By David F. Rooney

Photographer John Morrison is starting a new business — Fantasy Photo Shoots.

“For 35 years I produced and did just about every major ad campaign out there and shot fashion for all the magazines before coming back here nine years ago.,” he told The Current.

“What I want to do is offer Fantasy Photo Shoots that are your wildest dream to individuals, brands, fashion designers and photographers all seeking the ultimate photo experience.

“Partnering with Vancouver-based Connie Rose who owns Fashion Feature, which is global, I believe we can offer exclusive exciting shoots so that (people can actually be the star of their own TV commercial.”

Towards that end Connie Rose came here last weekend for a photo shoot they’ll use to promote the business.

“What I need to do is shoot some new current images to use for our marketing and to submit to an investor who has shown great interest,” Morrison said.

After a hair and makeup session at Salon Safari, Connie and John spent a lot of time on the mountain and downtown.

“John and I have shot together several times and I love John’s work,” she said in an interview Friday. “John’s a true artist and I love working with him. I have shot with numerous photographers over the years and truly enjoy working with him. I appreciate his talent and I appreciate him as a person.  John and I have been talking about this business venture, Fantasy Photo Shoots,  whereby we offer out-of-the-box magazine-style photo shoots for anybody and everybody — individuals to brands to corporations.”

Fopr more information please contact John Morrison at mr.john.w.morrison@gmail.com.

Here are some photos from Friday’s photo shoot:

John Morrison zooms in on model Connie Rose at Revelstoke Mountain Resort last weekend. Bob Bittner photo
Connie poses against a winter forest. John has been a fashion photographer since the 1970s. John Morrison photo
John also used Revelstoke’s picturesque downtown as a backdrop for some of his photos of Connie. Bob Bittner photo
Here’s another photo of Connie downtown. John Morrison photo
Connie assumes a look of surprise for a close-up shot. Bob Bittner photo
When you’re shooting you never know what can happen, like this bird that perched on Connie’s hand as she was enjoying a coffee. John Morrison photo