Come to the Agricultural Land Commission Open House

The Revelstoke Local Food Initiative has invited Martin Collins, a regional planner with the Agricultural Land Commission, to discuss its ‘ins and outs’ on Tuesday, April 4 at the Revelstoke Community Centre from 5-7pm.

A statement from the Local Food Initiative said the Agricultural Land Commission (ALC) is an independent administrative tribunal dedicated to preserving agricultural land and encouraging farming in BC. After an initial open house period, Mr. Collins will give a presentation on the purpose, priorities and details of the ALC, including maps showing local ALR lands. This presentation will be followed by a question and answer period, with light snacks and drinks provided.

“The intention of this open house is to provide the community with the tools and information to best understand the ALR and the implications that this has for our community,” the statement said.  “As Revelstoke grows, there will be development pressure and in order to make good decisions that work long-term, we must understand all of the issues at play. The availability and affordability of food production space is vital for the development of food security for our citizens. Yet, economic growth and diversification must be considered in future planning. By understanding what agriculture lands surround our community, their current uses and limitations, and our community’s food needs, we can make the best possible decisions about our community’s development.”

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