Candidate spends $5,000 to feed hungry deer and elk

BC Liberal candidate Doug Clovechok forks hay during a photo op in the Columbia Valley to highlight the plight of hungry elk and deer at the end of what has been a tough winter. A life-long hunter and outdoorsman, Clovechok recently joined with another candidate — Tom Shypitka, BC Liberal candidate for Kootenay East — to each donate $5,000 from their constituency associations to feed starving elk and deer. “I love hunting and I am still enjoying some elk meat,” Clovechok said in a statement. “I know we need to step up this winter and do everything we can to help these animals survive. This means fewer election ads and I am okay with that. Wildlife comes first.” The provincial election is set for Tuesday, May 9. Photo courtesy of the Columbia River Revelstoke Constituency Association