A new format for the community calendar

By David F. Rooney

The Revelstoke Current has changed the name of its local events calendar from Today to What’s On, which is accessible through the navigation bar on the top of the front page.

For the last few years, The Current has subscribed to the Chamber of Commerce’s events calendar. This meant that anyone who clicked on the Today tab saw the same calendar of events as appeared on the Chamber’s website. Additions to those listings made through The Current also appeared on the Chamber’s master calendar.

However, the Chamber is no longer providing a community events calendar so The Current has returned to its old way of doing things and is once again providing its own free calendar.

Readers and organizations that want to post their events on What’s On can send all the details of their events to drooney1@telus.net. Those details include the name of the group, the venue and time. If you have a poster, please send it to me as well.