Boulder Mountain reopened after SAR finds that missing sledder

A 48-year-old sledder from Hinton, Alberta, spent a cold and uncomfortable night on Boulder Mountain before he was located by Revelstoke Search and Rescue on Monday morning.

The man was reported missing on Sunday when at about 4:30 pm a group of riders from Hinton discovered he was missing when they returned to Peaks Lodge after spending the day riding the powder on Boulder.

Revelstoke Search and Rescue were activated and sent riders up into the last known areas where the rider may have been travelling. SAR teams were actively searching for the missing man until almost 4:30 in the morning.

Boulder was closed to the public on Monday to make it easier for SAR personnel to spot and identify the sledder.

“Following a dedicated deployment of helicopter and SAR sledding personnel this morning, the missing man was located and returned to the base of the mountain,” RCMP Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said in a statement. “He had been disoriented and tired but was otherwise in good condition.

“The RCMP and Revelstoke Search and Rescue appreciate the patience of the public during the brief closure. Boulder Mountain is again open for recreational activity.

“The RCMP wishes to thank all the volunteers and managers with the Revelstoke Search and Rescue team who spend many hours riding in the dark, hanging from a long line below a helicopter, and planning and managing a safe rescue for missing people. The dedication of this team keeps all recreational users in the Revelstoke and surrounding area safe and able to play another day.”