Alan Mason’s influence can’t be understated

I was reflecting on all the things said about Alan last night at his retirement party.  His influence on local organizations, business and the quality of life in Revelstoke can’t be understated.  His impact went well beyond the traditional Economic Development duties when we consider his impact on students over the years.

Alan Mason never turned down an invitation to a planning meeting for a school program, and was often the one  who called the meeting, came with the plan, and the grant opportunity to make it happen.  When we were trying to get a dual credit culinary arts program started in partnership with OK College, he attended a meeting, heard that we’d need a commercial kitchen and nearly $50,000 to make it happen. Students and adults were enrolled in the program as Alan was bringing together the upgrade in the Rec Center kitchen, and it was a huge success.  No surprise that in the weeks leading up to his retirement celebration, he was bringing together the Tech Summit, which was enjoyed this week by RSS students and local Tech entrepreneurs.

Alan is a one of a kind, but it was great to hear him letting Nicole (Fricot, his successor,) know that he is here to make sure the transition is a good one.

Mike Hooker
Superintendent of Schools
School District #19
Revelstoke, BC