Signage theft frustrates small business owner

By David F. Rooney

Dinah Collette, proprietor of the Spice o’ Life on First Street East knows how tough it can be when you run a small business. Not only do you have to worry about your stock and your sales but even when times are good you sometimes have to worry about the jerks who steal your signs.

And that’s been the case for the past week since some creep stole her Sex Shop sidewalk sign between 4 pm and 6 pm on Wednesday, January 11.

The theft has cost her money above and beyond the roughly $200 it will cost her to make a new sign. The sandwich-board sign was also a clear signal to all passersby that the Spice o’ Life was open for business. For instance Wednesday, which is usually a very good day for Dinah’s sales, there were no customers inside the shop, located at 208 First Street East. Image courtesy of Dinah Collette

“Many customers won’t stop by if they don’t see the sign,” she said.

Now Dinah is offering a reward for information that leads to the recovery of the sign and/or the arrest of the thief, she said, adding that she would be very, very pleased if the sign just “magically reappeared.”

If you know where the sign is or who took it please call Spice o’ Life proprietor Dinah Collette at 250-837-2002. Alternatively, you can send her an email at or send her a Facebook message at

I wish Dinah luck in getting her sign back. I know what it’s like to have some thoughtless little sociopath steal a valuable sign, forcing you to shell out more money to replace it.