Darren Corneliuson replies to David Evans’ letter

Thank you, David Evans for the opportunity to reply to your letter about me.

First off this has been an eye opening twist of untruth, I was actually invited back to Save On Foods for the last day of the petition signing and did unbelievably well, the manager actually signed the petition. Believe me, I had a lot of intelligent people sign the petition and for you to be little them by saying they are uninformed and pressured into signing this petition is a total insult to these caring citizens. People are smarter then you think!

As for the Post Office incident, Andy Parkin and myself were talking and getting signatures from the good people of Revelstoke when Mr. Bernacki shows up and starts a scene, taking pictures, causing a commotion, blocking people from my stand. Next thing the RCMP show up and tell us to move along, we left peacefully. The next day Constable Gallon shows up at my house asking me a lot of personal questions and took a look at my presentation booth. We talked for more then 20 minutes on the subject and came to the conclusion I would take the political picture down. (I.e. Christy Clark and applicants 2 months after they put in their applications) and was actually told by the RCMP that they could not stop us from being at the Post Office; it was too cold anyway so we decided not to go back. He then told me to tone it down and not to hassle Mr. Evans. We know who phoned the police.

These provocative stunts by Mr. Bernacki and Mr. Evans only helped our cause as people could see right through their self-serving ways! You chose to go this route to annex your ALR properties into the City and now you call foul, shame on you. If you were only going after water why does your application say otherwise? In one of your letters to Council you state with ever increasing popularity, of RMR the need for world-class accommodations at the base is something that is greatly needed, as RMR grows the use of this land in such a “strategic” location is going to evolve and so starting this process of annexation now to allow access to necessary services such as water and sewage through the city in the future is essential. During this annexation process I will be looking into various land use proposals for this property.

The secret is out Mr. Evans, smoke and mirrors might have got your other two properties rezoned but I hope someone at some level can see through your get-rich schemes. If you would have done your homework you would have seen this ALR land was never intended for development, so to just say you want water is sure a lot of backtracking, that property has a lot of spring water available you don’t need chlorinated water for agriculture use, so don’t insult my intelligence or anyone who signed this petition. I care about the future of Revelstoke, the clean water, the clean air and especially my neighbors down the road. We don’t deserve this self-serving neighbor trying to shove more development down our throats; it is really getting hard to swallow. If all you are about is money and development, I suggest you go back to Whistler and stay there as the only people who support you are the few that stand to make a few dollars off your perceived handouts and deals. Revelstoke never was about that, we were doing quite well without you. I think we know who you are and what you stand for, so please don’t insult the fine people who signed the petition. Like I said we don’t need smoke and mirrors, people are a lot smarter then you give then credit for. As for getting a hold of you, I have had an invitation out since the middle of November to meet and have coffee with you but obviously you were to busy. So I have come to the conclusion that you didn’t see it to be in your best interest. Too bad I have a lot of questions!

In closing, I have had people phone and thank me, I’ve been offered free legal advice, I’ve met some awesome people along this journey, I’ve comforted sobbing land owners in the area. All in all, it has been quite a ride! I am a Revelstokian and will always be a Revelstokian — something you just can’t buy. Sorry, David, but in my mind you will never be a Revelstokian. If caring about people, environment and unfair process labels me a bully and a thug, I’ll take that any day over what I’ve heard people say about you!

Thanks again Revelstoke and Happy New Year

Daren Corneliuson
Revelstoke, BC

PS: I actually think Mayor Mark McKee is an excellent guy, so please watch what you say Mr. Evans.