And now a few words from David Evans about the Catherwood annexation

To the Editor:

In response to Mr. Corneliuson’s letter dated January 8.

Having followed Mr. Corneliuson’s recent slur campaign against myself and the owners of the adjacent property first hand, I think it is time to set the record straight on a number of issues he has raised and what is actually going on with this annexation process.

Firstly, this annexation process is not to change the zoning nor is it to remove these parcels of land from the ALR as he claims it is simply to remove it from the CSRD and move it into the City of Revelstoke by redrawing the City boundary from the Eastern edge of these properties and move it to the Western edge. The reason for this is so that we the owners of the properties can then obtain City water. The cost of this will be meet fully by myself and the owners of the other property being annexed should the application be successful and this will not be a burden on the residents of Revelstoke as Mr. Corneliuson has claimed in order to illicit signatures from the residents of the City of Revelstoke.

Secondly, the reason why the annexation of these parcels of land does not involve the local neighborhood is because the zoning does not change. Just because this land may be annexed into the City of Revelstoke its current land uses will remain exactly the same. Should we look to change the zoning at some future date, then all the neighbors within a set distance of the property lines will have the opportunity to raise any issues or concerns at that time and will be fully engaged in the process. This annexation is not being rushed through this process, I personally have owned this property for close on 10 years and the neighboring property has been owned for longer than that by its current owners. This application is now into its second year with the City of Revelstoke and the provincial bodies that it is required to be referred to, I would not call that rushing by any stretch of the imagination.

Thirdly, it has been brought to my attention by a number of Revelstoke citizens that they signed only as they felt threatened by Mr. Corneliuson and signing regardless of what the petition was for was the path of least resistance. Mr. Corneliuson claims he spoke to almost everyone that signed, I would suggest that there is a difference between passing on informed information to solicit signatures and spreading false information, maligning individuals and being overly aggressive. One gentlemen’s wife told me how Mr. Corneliuson had confronted her husband and followed him across Cooper’s car park as he would not sign the petition shouting abuse as he walked away. These are not the actions of a rational, reasonable, responsible individual more the actions of a bully and a thug who if he doesn’t get his own way will resort to scare tactics or violence. Cooper’s shortly thereafter had Mr. Corneliuson removed. As a result of his aggressive actions he was also asked to move on from the Post Office, this time by the RCMP as he was seen forcibly getting signatures from older members of our community.

Please note that before departing on his personal attack against me and seeking signatures for this petition Mr. Corneliuson did not contact me nor has he made any effort to contact me at any-time during his campaign of misinformation. He did however see fit to falsify information and say whatever he wanted to in order to achieve his objectives of obtaining signatures. Not only did Mr. Corneliuson not contact me, neither did any other concerned resident of Revelstoke, despite my phone number being readily available and it being posted on multiple occasions on the Stoke list along with more misinformation and personal attacks about me.

Whether this annexation application is ultimately successful or not, I would urge all residents of Revelstoke to seek the facts and ask for the full story from all sides before signing any petition or taking any action one way or the other in the future. As for Mr. Corneliuson’s comments regarding Council and City staff, I for one am pleased we have a duly elected Council and Mayor as well as experienced City staff, as I will take the balanced decision-making that comes from that group over the opinions of an individual (who in this case doesn’t even live in the City of Revelstoke but wants to tell you what you should be doing) any day.

I am proud to call Revelstoke my home and am looking forward to the future,

David Evans
Revelstoke, BC