745 signatures gathered for anti-annexation petition

Editor’s Note:

The City is currently considering two requests to annex lands into the City.

The requests come from Peter Bernacki, Melinda Bell and Richard Mickle, who own a 13-acre property at 3304 Catherwood Road; and David Evans, who owns a 40-acre property at 3452 Catherwood Road. The properties are next to RMR and the Alternative Approval Process being used by the City to determine public receptivity to the request has excited some bitterness and controversy in segments of the community. CSRD staff wrote a report opposing the annexation, but the board of directors passed a motion at their February 19, 2016, meeting offering support to the annexation request. Under Part 4, Division 2 of the Community Charter, the APP is used as “a method to gauge public opinion in regard to certain types of proposed bylaws, agreements, or other matters. After the second of two notices is advertised in a local printed newspaper, electors have 30 days in which to advise their local government that in their opinion, the matter is of such significance that a referendum should be held. If more than 10% of the electors hold this opinion, then the local government cannot proceed with the proposed bylaw, agreement, or other matter without holding a referendum.”

To the Editor:

I talked with almost everyone who signed the petition against the Catherwood Rod annexation application and I am alarmed that Council doesn’t think there is any opposition to this annexation. The two most-asked questions people had were:

  1. “Can they do this without neighborhood involvement?” Yes they can, according to (former development services manager) Dean Strachan.
  2. “How much longer is this Council in power?” This Council will be in power until the next local government elections on Saturday, October 20, 2018. Click here for more information.

I’m just fighting for what I and a whole bunch of other people believe in. This system and process to which this CSRD/ALR land is being exploited and potentially developed should not be left up to 6 Councilors who have in my opinion not made the best decisions about lands inside the City now. What can we expect next? I think we all should have a say in this pristine land decision. This farmland was never intended for development. In no way am I against development I just don’t think it should happen on preserved CSRD/ALR land that is fertile and flat, with lots of spring water. 98% of the neighbors don’t want it. I have those people all on my CSRD signature list. In closing we have collected 745  signatures for the City and 57  for the CSRD. Copies will be sent to all levels of government along with letters and a detailed package on this land in question.

Thank You Revelstoke Citizens and a really big Thank You to Malone’s for not folding under pressure, you are the meaning of Revelstoke.

Daren Corneliuson
Revelstoke, BC