Co-own a mansion – A dynamic housing option for aging-in-place

By Marc Paradis

Where else can you enhance your quality of life, reduce your ecological footprint, save money and free up additional housing space? Not possible you say!

Well, The Kindred Spirits taking a page from the Kamloops Rare Birds are in the process of buying Fjall Sol the elegant 5,600 square foot enhanced energy efficient duplex constructed by Tree Construction.

Co-owning a mansion like this, sometimes referred to as the new extended family, has documented evidence of the benefits to the participants in terms of their health and well being. In addition it allows people to remain independent longer in their own homes.

The three committed parties (one couple & two singles) will free up one house, one apartment and one secondary suite when they move into Fjall Sol. The other three prospective house members (singles or couples) will have a similar impact of freeing up another three housing spaces for others in our community.

The members of Kindred Spirits can be described as older independent adults looking to stay in our community of Revelstoke while maintaining our independence and quality of life as we age in place in a deliberate and rewarding way. The reasons why members have joined this household are diverse as follows.

Common among them are the ability to travel freely knowing your home is safe and secure, being able to maintain independence longer, aging gracefully in place and having a community that has the benefits of an extended family. Another common theme is sharing of tasks from cooking and cleaning to home maintenance, repairs and things like shovelling snow. Other reasons cited are to be cost effective, care effective and continuing the journey / adventure of personal growth.

The group so far consists of parents / grandparents of young families in Revelstoke, a long time resident who is finding the care and maintenance of her own beautiful home more of a burden than she wishes at this time in her life and a caregiver who is looking for reciprocal support in her extended family as she ages.

Many people have talked about house-sharing with friends as an option in their future. Well for some of us the future is now and this is the perfect opportunity in a great house to realize this dream. While not being a purpose-built design, this elegant modern home incorporates enough of the elements to make this an almost ideal shared house. The core group of three shareholders are still looking for a few more kindred spirits to join them.

If this is of interest to you or you would like to find out a little more about it, please get in touch.

Marc 403-869-6622 or
Maria-Lynn 778-252-0505
Toni Johnston 250-837-5550
Carolyn Johnston 604-312-9544