It’s that time of year again!

It’s that time of year! The Community Connections Food Bank is once again planning its annual Christmas Hamper Program!

“This is our sixteenth year of providing this essential service for our children, seniors and families and securing financial resources to purchase enough food remains our top priority and is an ongoing challenge,” Community Outreach Manager Patti Larson said in an email to The Current. “As the holiday season is arriving, we have our hands full with managing basic needs and also want to provide a special Christmas for our children, families and seniors. Simply put, when you support the work of the Food Bank you are ensuring that community members get the support, assistance and help they need!”

Governments do not support the Food Bank and Christmas Hamper Program. Instead, these crucial programs are dependent upon ordinary local people.

“We depend on the generosity and compassion of our community to support this program and look forward to your continued support of this critically important service in our community,” Patti said. “Through your donations of food and monetary gifts, we are able to help those most vulnerable in our community with better nutrition and improved health.

“Our work has a powerful impact not only on the people that we work with directly, but also on the larger community as a whole… As Christmas approaches, we ask that you remember Community Connections Food Bank and Christmas Hamper program in your holiday plans. Any amount you can share will be greatly appreciated and put to good use right here at home. Your donation makes a difference!”

Her message ended with a quote from a local mother:

“My son and I thank you for all your generous help and support. This past year has been an absolute struggle mentally and financially. I have never accepted help before. You have all shown us comfort and security in our time of need. You gave me my dignity back. I spend most sleepless nights worrying about how to provide for us, and without your care and help, we would go without. I am so grateful; you have made our lives better. Your help has provided this incredibly grateful mother with hope again.”