Many thanks to patient Revelstokians from their local Mounties

The Mounties are very grateful to motorists and the community for their patience during the manhunt and highway closure that occurred as they searched for the man who shot a female officer at Donald on Tuesday.

“The police officers and staff of the Revelstoke Detachment wish to thank everyone who has reached out to offer words of support for the injured officer, as well as their appreciation offered for our efforts to keep the community safe,” Revelstoke detachment commander Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said in a statement on Saturday, October 15. “Police continue to investigate what led to the events of that day.

“I wish to also thank all those motorists who patiently waited along the highway during the incident and during the investigation as we processed the scene. The safety of motorists, and that of the general public, was our top priority. The RCMP and its partners will also continue to examine ways to improve communications with motorists in situations involving extended road closures. Though every incident is different, I assure you we rely on the good will, assistance and patience of the public in order to do the best job for our community.

“Further I wish to thank the residents who were displaced from their homes during the incident. As frustrating as the situation must have been, these decisions were made to maximize the safety of the community.”

The manhunt for 40-year-old Sheldon Kyle Thunderblanket, who was wanted in relation to the murder of a man on a central Saskatchewan reserve ended on Thursday when his body was found in Johnson Heights.