Get yer Frank N Furter on and follow the these directions…

Dear Editor:

I don’t know if you’re able to post follow ups with attachments, but attached here is the audience participation guide which would be helpful for newbies coming to the (Rocky Horror show. It also includes things the Roxy will and will not allow in the theatre.

I will have printed copies of the participation guide at the Roxy but it might be helpful in advance so people can prepare. I told Tammy that the fact she has a liquor license this year will draw a lot more people, so she should expect a big house. Last year the theatre was about half full.

The Theatre Company crew have been absolutely begging me to dress as Frank N Furter! But I’ve told them I’m far too old for that now, though there was a day when I did!… but now I’m a tad fat around the mid-section and absolutely do not have the legs for fish-nets! 😉  I’m planning to dress in something much classier and fitting the occasion, but I’m leaving everyone in suspense until then! Besides all that… no one does Frank like Tim Curry! Ever. I’ve even heard that the recent remake was a flop. Of course! How can you possibly remake that?

Martin Ralph
Revelstoke, BC

Seriously… if you plan on dressing up and ‘acting out’ at the show PLEASE read this in advance:

Click here to read the official Rocky Horror Participation Guide