Armstrong woman passes on her warm and loving thoughts to Uta’s parents

I’m not sure who to contact to leave a message of my condolences to the parents of Uta.

If you can pass this on to them, I thank you.

My heart is heavy with the tremendous loss you have suffered.  I wish there were words to ease your pain… even just a little bit. But, there aren’t.  Since I heard of the tragedy, I think of you both daily. No, I have never met you but I can honestly say I do understand the heartbreak.  I lost my son to SIDS 42 years ago. He was only 3 months old.

Uta is a beautiful little girl and she will be missed by everyone, especially those who were lucky enough to meet her.  I hope you feel a bit of comfort for the offerings of your community and if you believe in a higher power, trust that many many thoughts of love are being sent your way by so many people, near and far.

Warm hugs, thoughts and prayers from another one who cares.


Nancy Smith
Armstrong, BC