Parks Canada to offer frontcountry camping

Mount Revelstoke National Park is about to break with tradition and offer visitors an opportunity to camp over night in the front country.

In a letter to residents dated August 25, Park Superintendent Nick Irving said “Parks Canada is developing a new frontcountry campground offering approximately 50 sites for tents, trailers and motor homes at the base of Mount Revelstoke near the beginning of the Meadows in the Sky Parkway.”

He noted that Mount Revelstoke is the “only road-accessible national park in southern Canada that does not offer frontcounry camping.

“Visitor demand for camping in the par has been growing over the past decade and Parks Canada is now in a position to offer new camping opportunities,” Irving said.

The new campground will be built at the site of the park’s former staff residential area and will re-use much of the previously developed space at the site, including roads, parking areas and residential yards.

Financed through Parks Canada’s Centralized Asset Investments Fund, the campground will allow more Canadians to experience the “diverse natural and cultural heritage of Mount Revelstoke and Glacier National Parks and the surrounding area.”