Four new art shows to open on October 7th

The Revelstoke Visual Arts Centre has four new exhibitions opening on Friday, October 7.

The shows feature works by Kip Wiley, Jacqueline Palmer, Jewelles Smith and by Susan and Kristi Lind.

Seeking The Holy Grail is a photographic celebration of “the deep, light, dry powder snow which locals have known about for over a century” and that now attracts thousands of people to Revelstoke.

“With winter after winter behind him, Wiley has acquired a solid benchmark for reference to realize when he is at the altar of this holy grail,” says a statement from The Centre. “This exhibition expresses Wiley’s passion for chasing these moments of perfect unison and harmony, exploring the wonderment when terrain, snow, stability, weather, and friends come together, transcending from a simply fun experience, to one of a euphoric state of pure and absolute joy.”

A Thousand and Two Wild Horses is the expression of ceramicist Jacqueline Palmer’s lifelong love of horses, “which have been ever-present in her painting and pottery.” The exhibition is a tribute to the horse and all that it symbolizes for her: beauty, courage and freedom.

Motherhood Dialogues: Visual Interrogations is a series of works produced by Jewelles Smith who seeks to redefine definitions and assumptions about disabled mothering through a critical disability and feminist lens.

“Smith contemplates visual concepts of disabled bodies, mothering responsibilities, disability as a structure, and the tensions that exist between the theories, as well as the exploration of her own identity and myths,” the statement said. “Some themes include post-partum depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), physical disabilities, and socially constructed disabilities.”

The final show is entitled Generations and is an expression of the ways that mother and daughter, Susan and Kristi inspire one another, artistically and beyond. “Both artists have produced individual landscape paintings featuring the City of Revelstoke,” the statement said. “Visitors to this exhibition will reflect upon the passage of time, as both artists share the same image while creating the paintings within different seasons.”

The shows open on Friday, October 7, with a public reception at the Visual Arts Centre’s gallery from 6 pm until 9 pm. Admission is by donation.