Three days notice for roundabout construction? That’s not enough!

Yesterday, Friday, August 12, we were visited by a construction company named Speers Construction Inc. and given a notice that states Speers will be commencing a construction work at Victoria Road and Wright Street to build a roundabout on August 15.

We are dismayed and very concerned about this decision that we understand the City of Revelstoke Engineering has made. We have never been asked about the timing of this construction nor given any notice beforehand, while Speers advised it will be commencing from August 15, 2016 which is just 2 days away from the given notice.

Please be noted that this construction may cause a lot disruption to our customers who will be having troubles to get to us and it will eventually lead to the loss of our business at the all three motels such as Monashee Lodge, Gateway Inn and ourselves. Particularly in this busy business period when we are filled with many walk-in customers!

For your information, the summer business for July-August-September period takes substantially big portion of the yearly revenue of the motels in this city and therefore, it is critical for us to do it in a right manner.

In addition to your and/or City Council’s decision about the new hotel project that has been suddenly made with no reflection of raising objections from the existing business stakeholders as well as residents, we do not understand why the City of Revelstoke gives us the potential damage to our business, whilst we have been faithfully paying the property tax to the City. It makes us really hard to understand the decision to do the construction at this time as we know the project has been being studied for last years.

Herewith, we duly request the City of Revelstoke to delay the construction timing to sometime later when it would give no big impact on the motels business, and by all means, we should ask to do it not earlier than the second half of September. It may look to be a short notice to stop it against the starting time on next Monday, but please be aware that this is the earliest possible reaction by us as we were given of the notice just yesterday.

We trust that you understand the importance not to affect the existing business of the three motels who are all… tax payers in this city.

We appreciate your understanding and subsequent adjustment of the construction time.

Sam Cho
Owner, Days Inn & Suites,
Revelstoke, BC