Non-fruit-bearing trees are now bearing fruit… are they attracting bears, too?

Why are these non-fruit-bearing cherry trees growing cherries?

All the cherry trees planted downtown, over the last three years, to replace the maple trees that were removed, are growing cherries this year!

I was fortunate enough to get one myself and planted it three years ago in my front yard. A couple of days ago, I noticed a broken branch on it. My husband went out and inspected it and came back with a handful of cherries.  This tree is supposed to be non-fruit-bearing!

I suppose a bear had been into the cherries and broken the branch.  Also, there are three of the same trees across the street that are growing cherries.  And a few broken branches there too!

Odd isn’t it? I’m sure the City gardeners are shaking their heads over it also.  If these trees are going to grow fruit each year these trees should be removed, or we will be attracting bears all the time!

Monika Cooper
Revelstoke, BC