Chalker in the night: A true Revelstoke mystery

Radio show host Shawn Aquiline stumbled across a true mystery scrawled across the city’s downtown while walking his dog on Friday morning, August 19.

“I woke up and walked Milo to work to discover downtown has been visited by a SIDEWALK CHALK VANDAL,” he told The Current in an e-mail

“The first one I saw was the picture with the tree, so I thought someone was mad that they were ripping them out a while back. Then I saw it was all over City Hall. Just plastered… then I realized it was about the bears.”

A bear was shot and killed by a Conservation Officer late on Tuesday afternoon in front of the barbershop on First Street West.

“Then I saw the same message written in front of majority — but not all — of the businesses. I noticed Work’n’ Play didn’t have one nor didf a few others, so my cogs were spinning thinking someone must have gone to each business! If you walk down First Street… Work’n’ Play… No; Remax…Yes; Home Hardware… No. Then nothing until Your Office & Art… Yes; then Mountain Meals… No. So it seems to me as if there is a chalker in the night out there!  I took some snapshots for you.”

Here are Shaun’s photos: