Bears deserve something better than a bullet

Mayor McKee and Revelstoke Council,

We were saddened to see the disturbing level of conflict and lethal action taken against bears in and around Revelstoke in recent weeks. While we appreciate that there are numerous factors that lead to conflict, and that many municipalities are facing the reality of managing more responsibilities with fewer resources, we believe that Revelstoke can take more action to end these conflicts – and the lethal action that too often is applied.

Numerous tools exist for municipalities, including variations of bylaws, enforcement of existing bylaws, working with community groups like Revelstoke Bear Aware, and even local school groups. The combination of these tools can be a highly successful strategy that has worked well in other municipalities.

Whether it’s new garbage bins, variations on locks, hazing teams, or part-time by-law enforcement officers, there are always options that community leaders can explore to prevent conflict, and, ultimately, the dreadful killing of wild families.

The Fur-Bearers are ready, willing, and able to help develop policy and plans for Revelstoke – regardless of unfulfilled promises of the provincial government. Please, take action today. British Columbia is watching.


Lesley Fox
Executive Director
The Fur-Bearer