Yikes! Andrew Moore plans to dress up in fur and lock himself in a car on a blazing hot day!


As the hot summer weather descends on Revelstoke Andrew Moore is increasingly concerned about the plight of animals travelling in vehicles with their masters and mistresses.

“I wanted to share a video about a stunt I am promoting for July 30 at 1 pm at Alpine Shopping Center,” he told The Current. “This is for the Revelstoke Humane Society as a public awareness/fundraiser. I will dress up as a dog and lock myself in a hot car with thermostats inside and out to show the public why they should not leave animals in vehicles.”

Click here to view the poster for this event and activate the YouTube video player below to watch the very amusing video Andrew produced to promote his stunt:

Please click here to discover more about the Revelstoke & District Humane Society.