Speers tapped to build the roundabout

Speers Construction has been awarded a contract to build the roundabout on Victoria Road at its intersection with Wright Street, City Hall announced on Thursday, July 28.

Work on the project is expected to begin next month with the remainder of the project and roundabout landscaping to be completed by summer 2017. Speers’ bid was for “$1,868,113.80 (excluding GST), which is approximately 9% than the City’s consulting engineer’s (McEllhanney Consulting) pre-tender estimate,” City Hall said in its statement.

The complete project includes a roundabout on Wright Street, upgrades to the exits from Mutas Road, intersection modifications between the Trans Canada Highway and the CP overpass, as well as modifications to Bend Road.

The tender document contained comprehensive criteria requirements outlining qualifications and necessary experience. Speers Construction, through their bid, demonstrated sufficient additional qualifications and experience in completing similar-sized projects that their proposal was selected over the lowest cost bid.

Three bids were received for this project and following a complete review by the City’s Engineering Department and its consulting engineer, McEllhanney Consulting, Speers Construction was determined to provide the best proposal for acceptance by the City. Mike Thomas, Revelstoke’s director of Engineering and Development Services said, “the City is pleased to be working with a highly qualified local contractor on this time-sensitive, high-profile project. The City would like to thank the community for all the input we received on the design of this project and are confident the project will reduce traffic congestion in this area.”