The Current hit an unexpected cybernetic speed bump — fortunately everything has been resotore


David F. Rooney Current Publisher and Editor
David F. Rooney
Current Publisher and Editor

The 18 stories that vanished from The Current when it migrated to new — and much larger — servers earlier this week have now been restored. Because the restoration basically overwrites everything I posted on Wednesday (including the original version of this column) I now have to re-post those stories and photos.

Sure: It’s a bit of a Catch-22, but at this point that’s really just a cut and paste job and everything should be back to normal (whatever that means) later this afternoon.

If you missed my original post about the vanishing stories here are the now-relevant pieces:

The Current is a mammoth beast — only a few megabytes shy of 10 gigs — and it required more space than I could squeeze out of my hosting package with BlueFur in Toronto so I purchased a new package with 25-gigabytes of space. That should be good for the next three or four years, maybe even longer.

That meant moving The Current, what’s called ‘migration’ to the new space and pointing it its new nameservers. That all seemed easy enough but unfortunately re-pointing everything at the new nameservers kept you — and me — from being able to access The Current  for up to 24 hours while it propagated on The Web. Along the way the the migration hit some kind of speed bump and stories published after June 16 all vanished into the cybersphere.

Sounds like Voodoo to me and it may as well have been. This was hugely aggravating ut fortunately the techs at BlueFur recovered the missing content and restored it.

Thanks for your patience.