Revelstoke Art Gallery issues two calls for artists’ submissions

The Revelstoke Art Gallery has issued open calls for submissions for two intriguing new exhibitions in September.

Passion and Perspective and Pattern Play will challenge artists in different ways and should delight art lovers.

In an e-mail to The Current, Gallery executive director Jackie Pendergast said Passion and Perspective will give artists “the opportunity to explore subject matter which they feel passionate about, creating work in any medium.”

This could take the form of a personal or private viewpoint that they strongly hold, or involve creating a wider statement on current issues which affect people around the world. Artists will create dialogue on their topic of choice through their process and completed pieces. Please click here for an entry form for this exhibition.

Pattern Play will challenge artists in a completely different way.

“Artists will have the opportunity to explore repeated motifs and designs in any medium and subject matter,” Pendergast said in her e-mail. “Artists may look to natural occurring patterns in our environment, or may reference the repeated patterns which exist in our technological, and digital world. Pattern may potentially be explored purely for its decorative qualities, or used as a framework and structure, such as a set of rules during the art making process.” Please click here for an entry form for this exhibition.

Take in for these shows will be August 26 – 27. The exhibitions will open to the public from September 9 until September 30.

For more information please contact the gallery at