On Donald Trump, Brexit and Revelstoke…


Ms. Anne Throap
Ms. Anne Throap

What do Donald Trump, England and Revelstoke have in common? The motivation to vote, for change.

Trump wants change. England wanted change, maybe, and Revelstoke wanted change.

Change; a powerful word when it comes to a political campaign slogan. It’s easy to say, easy to promote and easy for a largely dumbed-down electorate to understand. The word gives the majority of constituents something to grasp easily without having to think too much about it.

“Change, Yah! Duh, Whoo-hoo, Yup. Let’s go for change. Change is good. We like change… so there”.

My question is this: Okay, change, but to what, how do we get there and what’s the plan?

We recently changed our Council and Mayor, big time but has anything changed? Judging by the crumbling and grousing of taxpayers, nothing is really different.

However, whose fault is that?

Don’t blame this Council; they just grabbed a convenient opportunity. Don’t blame the previous Council. They were merely trying to go by the book, maybe a little too much, and stick to the basics of preserving and improving city infrastructure; water, sewer, roads, all the boring and uninteresting stuff so the private sector has a good base on which to build and develop.

The blame is squarely on you and me, the voters. Why? Because we like to complain. It makes us feel better about our miserable existence of mostly non-involvement. We don’t have to think or inform ourselves about the details of issues and challenges. It’s a slack mindedly easy way to make us feel important and smart; legends in our own minds.

Do we want to be informed voters? Not really. It’s much easier just to bitch.

Proof; the number of voters in the latest British referendum who are now saying, “Oh, we actually didn’t want that, we just thought we’d vote to ‘leave’ as a small protest vote. Just kidding!”

The worst thing about a democracy is its voters. It allows them to make totally, poorly conceived decisions… but… is there a better way?

Conclusion; I’ve just been blinded by the light. It just hit me like a rolling ball of thunder.

Donald Trump is British. Gotta’ be. He makes decisions on pure emotion with no plan or logic or thought-through outcome and whips the uneducated and ill informed into frenzy by calling for change just change with no substance or map.

He’d be right at home in England right now. Sir Donald. He’d like that. Do they have bigger mirrors?

Second choice; Italy. Isn’t ‘The Donald’ English for Il Duce?

Yours in social sarcasm,
Ms. Anne Throap

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