Brown Bag History introduces us to the colourful mayors of our past


By David F. Rooney

As everyone knows, Revelstoke Museum & Archives Curator Cathy English knows just about everything there is to know about Revelstokians of the past — especially the most interesting factoids about them.

That’s why her latest Brown Bag History talk, held on Wednesday, May 4, was so interesting. Cathy pulled back the curtain of time separating us from Revelstoke’s early mayors.

Some of the stories Cathy told were very colourful. For instance, did you know that a homesick early mayor may have been the man we can blame for the dandelions that plague lawns across North America?

What! Who? Why? Well you have to activate the YouiTube player below to watch Cathy in action. It makes you wonder what some future curator will have to say about our current mayor…