A roundabout on Victoria Road is a bad idea

To the Mayor and Councillors:

My name is Peter Bernacki and I have lived in Columbia Park for many years. I cross the Trans-Canada Highway nearly every day — in fact, several times a day, resulting in hundreds of crossings each year. I believe I have valid input into the proposed traffic flow changes at Mutas Rd. / Victoria Rd.

My biggest concern is the traffic circle. Over the years there have been numerous traffic incidents in that area. Aside from the growing number of vehicles during the summer months, I can see a bigger problem during the winter if the roundabout is approved: Transport trucks + Snow + Grade do not = Smooth Traffic Flow.

When just one truck spins out and ties up the road while the driver’s chaining up, traffic will come to a complete stop. This will result not only in an unnecessary delay for regular traffic, but how will emergency vehicles navigate a blocked roundabout?

Our winter conditions are not comparable to Prince George or Winnipeg. This is not a practical application for Revelstoke.

Please reconsider this plan and find a better solution.

Thank you,

Peter Bernacki