MLA Report: Protection of wildlife habitat is crucially important

MLA Norm Macdonald
MLA Norm Macdonald

In rural areas like Columbia River Revelstoke, local Rod and Gun Clubs, as well as their provincial organization, the BC Wildlife Federation, are important and valued voices in support of proper management of our vast and irreplaceable public lands.

We know that the protection of habitat is crucially important to keeping fish and wildlife populations healthy, and Rod and Gun Club members invest time and energy into ensuring we make good choices on our land base.

Over the last number of years, here in this region and in Victoria, BC Wildlife Association members have asked elected officials in the Legislature of British Columbia to make the proper management of the land base more of a priori

My NDP colleague from Kootenay West, MLA Katrine Conroy, introduced a Private Members’ Bill in the BC Legislature last week. Entitled the Sustainable Wildlife Management Act, it reflects the priorities of hunters and fishers. But it will also interest all those who value our beautiful public lands.

This bill calls for science-based conservation programs. These would include requirements for science-based objectives and peer review for habitat and wildlife management.

This bill would give rural people a voice at the table when making land use decisions; this is something people in this area feel passionate about. The bill would put in place a mechanism for properly funding the work that is needed to more effectively manage our wildlife.

Rod and Gun Clubs in our area have a strong and well-established tradition of making the protection of wetlands and other important habitat a priority. The work hunters and fishers have done to create this proposed legislation is part of that ongoing tradition.

I believe that this is a piece of legislation that is well worth supporting, but Private Members’ Bills only come forward for further debate if the government decides to support them.

If you are like me, and you want to support the work of Rod and Gun Clubs in this area, send an email to the Premier at asking to have the Sustainable Wildlife Management Act debated in the Legislature.

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