Keep your eyes peeled for a sow and two cubs

Keep your eyes open when you’re are out in the Greenbelt or on the Big Eddy dyke or any other area where enough bush exists to mask the presence of a bear.

A sow with two cubs was seen Tuesday morning, April 26, in the Illecillewaet Greenbelt meadow near the pedestrian bridge. The same animals were reportedly seen along the Big Eddy dyke two weeks ago.

Bear Aware Coordinator Sue Davies said a bear that is not raiding people’s yards and garbage for food are “usually considered to be of less concern than one that is conditioned to human foods.  As this bear was reported as a sighting only, it is unlikely that the COS would take action.”

She also said she would not be putting up warning signs unless bears are very active in an area.

“Bears may appear anywhere, and this particular one may be miles away by now so a sign would probably be rather after the fact,” Davies told The Current. “My yellow street signs will be reserved for areas of high bear activity and areas where bears are accessing human foods.  The signs help to remind people to manage any bear attractants they may have on their properties.”

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