If you enjoy acting there could be a flash mob in your future

By David F. Rooney

A sizzling current of newly enlivened local theatre is about to leap up and electrify audiences.

The Revelstoke Theatre Company has spent months working on a new series of theatrical offerings that could include dinner theatre and — Get ready for it! — flash mob theatrical productions in unexpected public places at unexpected times. It’s as exciting as it seems and has enervated everyone on the company’s board of directors.

“These people are amazing,” Chairman Martin Ralph said of the largely young new directors intent on reinvigorating the acting troupe.

“The Theatre Company has a long history of doing great work but times are changing and we need to, as well.”

That included pumping some new blood onto the board and its executive committee with new directors such as Zach and Lukas Dembicki, Benjamin Menzies, Anna Finn, Ana Polo, Kerry McGuire and Hailey Christie-Hoyle.

One of the older and more experienced directors, Brad Binnington is particularly pleased with some of the new ideas such as workshops on script-writing and direction because they engage young peoples’ creativity beyond offering them acting workshops.

“Many people want to go a little deeper,” he said during a recent board meeting. “They want to be engaged in new ways.”

McGuire said workshops that help potential playwrights and directors hone their crafts are two of the new offerings we’ll see this year from the Theatre Company.

“We are an intergenerational company,” said McGuire. “We’re looking at ways to keep what we’re doing fresh and engaging (through) script meetings and other things we’ve never done.”

Building on that historical legacy of creating theatre that appeals to young men and women is bringing out ideas such flash mob-style theatrical performances.

In fact, the inaugural meeting for the first flash-mob performance will take place on Wednesday, May 4, at the Performing Arts Centre, 1007 Vernon Avenue, starting at 7:30 pm. The Theatre Company is hoping for 50 – 100 people, aged 12 and up, interested in this project.

It will not be a huge time commitment, as the first flash mob will only be a five-minute seemingly spontaneous event in the latter part of June.

“We need to be able

Another possible addition to the season may be a dinner theatre program. The Theatre Company thought it had a possible project under way but that needs some work before it starts to look like it may be viable.

This Saturday, April 23, marks the first live production by the National Theatre in London to be screened at the Performing Arts Centre. This first performance of Hamlet stars Benedict Cumberbatch.

The general admission screening of the show is at 7:30 pm Saturday, April 23. All seats are $15.

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