A comment or two about the Farwell Hotel Project

City Council has recently unanimously approved a bylaw variance for the Farwell Hotel. At this point I suppose a ‘welcome neighbour’ letter may be more appropriate but I’m still working on that. Please be aware I am not personally against a new hotel on the block. On the contrary, in a weird, warped sort of way this will actually benefit me. The more traffic being redirected around traffic circles and through our neighbourhood past playschools and toddler parks the more people will see my business.

I reserve judgement on the project as what kind of motel/hotel specifically is still up in the air as less than ten days ago at our meeting with a Council member the drawings were still with architects and engineers so even Council didn’t know what the plan is. I will go out on a limb and say the final incarnation will make us all proud! What I offer in my motel is different from the rest. I offer an alternative, in a nice sort of way, and I don’t sleep with a guilty conscience.

For those not knowing, a variance to a bylaw may be approved by Council without public voice. And apparently really quickly and with 75% of respondents opposed to the idea. This approval is not reversible once it has passed. A bylaw, on the other hand, will be under public scrutiny. A couple neighbours and I have recently delivered a request to change the C-6 zoning bylaw which, amongst other things, stipulates a height restriction for buildings. Two of the other applicants requested a variance for their properties and were turned down. These happened with previous Councils in place. Now we have a seemingly proactive and progressive Council. Revelstokians should ‘ride the wave’.

All we are after is an even playing field. 2.5 stories to 5.5 stories is a major jump in small town building height and politics. It has been stated approval was granted as this project could provide opportunities and benefits to all of Revelstoke and its residents. There are three more of us on this block who want the same opportunity to provide the same opportunities and benefits to Revelstoke and its residents, whatever those are. More ideas and opportunities will come to this community so please let us all have the same chances to bring them to fruition. Let’s grow and mature as a community together. Let’s play fairly under the same rules…

Dean Leman
Monashee Lodge ,
Revelstoke, BC

Editor’s Note:
Days Inn and Gateway Inn have filed, with Monashee Lodge, a letter to City Council. Please click here to read it.