Mounties had a hot weekend; good thing they were prepared


From the late afternoon of Thursday, December 31, until the end of the long weekend, local Mounties responded to 50 calls for service.

“This is above average for this time of year, however, by having on several extra officers at certain busy times each call was dealt with in a timely fashion,” Staff Sgt. Kurt Grabinsky said in a statement on Monday.

“New Year’s Eve started out with two impaired driving investigations, a missing skier on Mount Mackenzie, two abandoned vehicles, a mischief to property and an issue under the Mental Health Act. After midnight noise bylaws, causing a disturbance and impaired driving became the most consistent demands for police.

“During the course of the evening there were four intoxicated persons lodged in RCMP cells due to being unable to care for themselves. Outside of one of the local bars were over 150 people when a fight broke out sending two males to the hospital. A male was also requiring medical attention outside of another drinking establishment. Police further responded to a break and enter when glass was broken in a downtown business.

“New Year’s Day continued with police attending to several (complaints about) mischief to property, a domestic violence assault, found property, lost property, uttering threats against a person, driving complaints, vagrancy, several noise bylaw complaints and several intoxicated persons in public.”

The complaints to police continued on January 2 about such incidents as multiple false alarms, more found property, driving complaints, abandoned 911 calls and another assault. January 3 also had increased call volume to serious incidents.

Fortunately things have settled down and Grabinsky said that “as of today (Monday, January 4) the call volume has returned to normal levels.

“The Revelstoke RCMP wish to thank the community for the assistance of calling in events as they observed them as well as a thank you to those who chose to use a designated driver when they had consumed too much.”

The Force’s performance over this hectic weekend impressed Councillor Trevor English who chairs City Council’s Security Committee.

“Great job by local RCMP all weekend,” he told Grabinsky in an e-mail.

Please click here to access news releases about the RCMP law enforcement in Revelstoke.