Big Eddy resident retracts his criticism of the waterworks project

This letter is to apologize to Brian Dyck and Don Hall and the residents of the Big Eddy for my incorrect statement I submitted to The Revelstoke Current last week. I have since been informed of the correct details in the Big Eddy Waterworks project and how it has come to be and our options.

The Big Eddy residents have 3 options. When the city held the open house only one of the options was explained to us. This is the proposed project for $5.7 million.

The other two options that were not discussed are;

Option 1

  1. The Big Eddy residents will be forced to pay for all of the deficiencies that Interior Health has ordered to be corrected, which under the current Drinking Water Protection Act is fairly extensive.

Option 2

  1. The Interior Health Authority’s Public Health Inspector will exercise their authority under the Drinking Water Protection Act and issue an Order to the Big Eddy Waterworks, which under the Local Government Act, are allowed to borrow money without the consent of the electors to comply with the order and then charge the residents. The Interior Health Authority has previously issued Orders to other water utilities within their jurisdiction.

I was very skeptical about the City of Revelstoke taking over the Big Eddy Waterworks, as their past records with budgeting speaks for its self. However, I have been informed that the money from the provincial and federal governments is issued only in small portions as the project is completed and Interior Health inspectors have signed off that the work has been done and brought up to compliancy. This eases my concerns of the city spending the budgeted project money on other projects outside of the Big Eddy.

I have also been informed that the 20 year loan to the Big Eddy residents for $1.9 million dollars be drawn up so as to ensure that after the 20-year term the payments will STOP and the city cannot continue charging for it.

It is much easier for me to sign the petition knowing all of our options now. Again I apologize for my uninformed statement last week. Don Hall and Brian Dyck have worked very hard for the citizens of the Big Eddy as water board members. I also would like to extend my apology to Dawn Levesque, Mike Thomas and the office staff at the City for their work on the Big Eddy Waterworks Project.

Please listen and or phone in on Thursday when Don & Brian will be on the radio answering questions in regards to the Big Eddy Waterworks Project.

Troy Tompkins
Revelstoke, BC

Editor’s Note:

Please click here to read Troy’s original letter. That original letter contained a link to a letter he understood was the official position of the Waterworks Board. It was not and should be regarded as disinformation.