A sharp — and speedy — reply to Bob Melnyk’s letter to the editor

Editor’s Note:

The letter below was written in response to Bob Melnyk’s letter published in The Current’s Op-Ed Section on  January 18.

To the Editor:

Mr. Melnyk, in his letter to the editor published on January 18th, 2016, has made public, personal attacks on valued officials of the City of Revelstoke. Unlike the Mayor and Council, they are precluded from publicly defending themselves, nor would it be proper or appropriate for them to do so, and in particular, publicly respond to the accusations and innuendo of Mr. Melnyk. As a former employee of the City of Revelstoke, Mr. Melnyk is well aware of this.

Mr. Melnyk is free to criticize the bylaws and policies of the City of Revelstoke, and indeed, every citizen has the right to do so. It is encouraged. That is what makes a democracy work. He is not free, however, to engage in personal attacks on staff members of the City who have no ability to defend themselves in public.

Suffice it to say, Mr. Melnyk’s accusations are without merit. The imputation in the e- mail attached to his letter that staff may treat someone negatively, or in a discriminatory or preferential fashion, has no basis whatsoever in fact. The individuals referred to are consummate professionals, providing much valued advice to the Mayor and Council, and a superb service to the citizens of Revelstoke. They are valued members of the staff of the City and the community.

Yours truly,
City of Revelstoke
Mayor Mark McKee Allan Chabot, CAO