Remembrance Day Message from MLA Norm Macdonald

MLA Norm Macdonald
MLA Norm Macdonald

For almost a century, Canadians have gathered at cenotaphs in communities across the country on the morning of November 11.
In some of the communities I represent, it is one of the largest gatherings of the year, and it speaks to the enduring gratitude and respect we have for our veterans, and their sacrifice.
In speaking to a group of students at Nicholson Elementary, when I was principal, the late Mr. Bill Batten, a World War II veteran, spoke of the importance he placed on his lifetime commitment to his fellow soldiers. He said that he needed to keep their memories alive, and honor their sacrifice by appreciating the freedoms and democracy they had died to protect.
And Mr. Batten asked that even the youngest student at the school help him in his work by remembering veterans and understanding the importance of peace, freedom and democracy.
As we gather on Remembrance Day, we see the crowd filled with people of all ages. We see new Canadians and those whose families have been in Canada for generations.
This Remembrance Day, we again thank our veterans, we honour their sacrifice and their willingness to serve their fellow Canadians.
Norm Macdonald MLA
Columbia River Revelstoke